Gateways Extrusions is a leading provider of quality aluminum extrusion and finishing services for building, commercial, industrial, and transportation markets across the country. Gateway offers many benefits: custom design and value engineering, responsive customer service, custom dies and extrusions, durable quality powder paint finishing, and expert fabricating services. With advanced efficient manufacturing equipment, we process over 16 million lbs. of aluminum annully.

Launched in 2003, Gateway has since expanded significantly with over $15 million invested in facilities, modern CNC-automated equipment, and personnel. We operate 7-inch and 9-inch aluminum presses, capable of extruding a range of strengths and tempers, in saw lengths up to 30 feet, with rapid lead times. Gateway’s fabrication line can prepare any extrusion profile for further assembly, according to customer specifications. Our custom design and value engineering services bring customer concepts cost-effectively into production. Our state-of-the-art powder coat painting line offers a broad range of high quality finishing and color options.

Gateway has over 130 expert managers and operators, experienced with the latest techniques and standards across many industries. Comprehensive quality, safety, and training programs ensure customers consistently superior and reliable products for every application. Our manufacturing equipment has many environmentally sensitive features, such as high energy efficiency, maximized powder reclamation, real-time process water recycling and management, and advanced software for material waste minimization and process optimization.

At Gateway, we continue to expand our services and capabilities to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers and enter new markets. We are a proud member of The Aluminum Extruders Council.